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ADVISOR Karen 17 ... Former Featured Advisor at KEEN.COM

Do you have questions, or a personal issue and need insight?



For most of us, every day is filled with small moments when we need clarity, advice, or information.
There is something very satisfying when receiving intuitive psychic insight and information live from another person in a private one-on-one consultation on subjects ranging from Love and Relationships, Money, Career and Finance, Women's Issues, Grief, Spiritual Guidance, etc.


The selection of the right Reader for YOU is probably the single most important step you’ll take towards enjoying a successful psychic experience.

As a Professional Spiritual Psychic Advisor, Consultant, and Confidant, I can sense your psychic energy and give you a unique and personal psychic reading.

No hype, No worries.

I channel energy, and work with vibrational frequencies.

My skills as an Empath, while utilizing Cartomancy, Tarot, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, with years of experience, I will look into the heart of your situation seeking clarity, understanding, and the path forward and future outlook. I am Spirit led as well.
I translate my skills accordingly as I access, interpret, and convey information I receive via various mediums. I am able to tune into my intuition which leads to psychic intuitive insight.

I am down to earth and honest, I will empower you to value your own worth and intuitive guidance, I will give you an honest, meaningful and helpful psychic reading and insight regarding even the most delicate of situations.

I have been giving in-depth, non-judgmental and insightful readings, using a variety of means, for many years. I use a variety of cards and psychic skills to gather information to help guide my Clients to access the most experiential value and lessons from their life situations.

I have an extensive academic education and experience background in Communications, which included both Inter-personal and Non-verbal, and Media as well. Also the fields of Psychology and Philosophy.

As a result of my education, training, and life experience, I have extraordinary listening and communication skills.

As a professional Advisor, Consultant, and Confidant, I honestly commit to my fiduciary responsibility while assisting individuals who are looking for clarity and guidance in any area regarding their life experience issues.

I have several years of consultation experience working both face to face and reading by phone.

I feel it is important to experience a deep soulful connection regarding your vocation and the work you do … and I do connect deeply my work, my vocation is my calling.

Contact me (see my contact info below) to schedule your private reading/consultation. I will then send you a paypal invoice for the amount agreed upon for pre-payment.
~ You will receive credit for any unused minutes toward future readings.
~ No obligation to use all your purchased minutes at one session!

5 (minimum)-15 minutes @ $2.00 per minute.
20-30 minutes @ $1.75 per minute.
30-60 minutes @ 1.50 per minute.

I enthusiastically look forward to our readings and consultations ...

ADVISOR Karen 17
Email: 4truthbtold2u@gmail.com
skype: karenkinnaman
Phone: 858-333-4972 PST (leave a message if I am unavailable or try skype)

5 stars She is another superb advisor here. Thank you advisor Karen I appreciate your good and very detailed readings. You very accurate so far. Wow thank you! -Sandymb 1/9/2017
5 stars Amazing reading. I didn't even have to say much! The information from Karen was extremely helpful and positive. I recommend getting a reading from her to anyone :)  -Member85351452 1/8/2017
5 stars Really liked her. I was talking to her about a certain person at one point in the reading and as she was answering me I got chills. I think she was very accurate with my situation. Thank you  -Member92671523 1/8/2017
5 stars This was the most remarkable reading, thank you so much, a lot to look forward to. Will call again in the near future, looking forward to it! -Lynn42 1/7/2017
5 stars Karen is an awesome and kind reader. Shes very outspoken and to the point. She is patient and a great listener. Affordable and worth it! I will follow up with you in the future, some time in March to let you know everything has come to pass.       -Member12623764 1/3/2017
5 stars Karen...as always you are such an amazing advisor. Thank you so much for helping me find clarity on the situation. I am excited beyond words about my future. I will definitely keep you posted. Namaste. -doodle1106  1/2/2017
5 stars I'm blown away with Karen's accuracy for one. But her predictions are off the charts. I've not had this kind of accuracy every time we talk from a reader before. She's one of a kind. I'm so happy I found her. Thanks Karen!!! -Lotus3 12/20/2016
5 stars Karen Is Super Wonderful! This is one of the most lovely and sweet advisors! She is truly gifted and very insightful! Very Consistent with her readings. Thank you so much for your time and I look so forward to all that you told me!! Your terrific! I will call back with all new developments.. I feel much better after talking with you!!!! -Amber0115 12/17/2016
5 stars Let me tell you about Karen. She was my first advisor and for some reason I never found her again until now. Just like the first time, today's reading was wonderful. So detailed and comforting. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. She knows what she's doing and she puts a thousand percent into it. Thank again so much for today. -Mak1030 12/17/2016
5 stars I can not tell anyone, as much as I want to, about ADVISOR Karen, and if I did tell you all I want to, you probably WON'T believe me anyway. What I can tell you, is, whatever the situation happens to be, if you don't call this lady, you will miss out on a treat. Again, thank you Karen, I really enjoyed information you relayed to me AND I will definitely keep in touch.                              -Mickey5764 12/16/2016
5 stars I am a 1st Time Caller ...Wow, she is very, very good! She is fast and everything she said had a definite ring of truth about it. Thank you so much for your understanding.. You were consistent with your insight. I felt a connection immediately.. I hope your predications come to pass soon.. As I go through all of these challenges in the Holidays. I am so happy that I called, thank you so much! I will call back with all new developments.. -Amber0115 12/13/2016
5 stars Love her, she is one of my favs. -traceyly2001 12/11/2016
5 stars Karen. Thank you so much for your time, your energy, your effort, and mostly for your insights and predictions. You are a lovely woman and I completely felt you wanting to give me honest clarity and guidance. What I loved most is your willingness to listen to me and then give me the psychic answers without making me feel like I were talking to a therapist. You heard my questions and then directly answered in psychic mode, not like you were giving me psychology advice. I'm thankful for that with you. I wanted a psychic to predict and you did just that. Looking forward to things playing out the way you said and also to speaking to you again, thank you!!! -insightful Angel 12/6/2016
5 stars Karen17 is incredibly intuitive! No BS, love your honesty and and the fact that you give us so much information in no time! Thank you so much for your wonderful advice. You are amazing! -Member67356768 12/2/2016
5 stars Karen is an awesome human being with an incredible gift. She has helped me profoundly. Thanks Karen!!                        -Lotus3 12/2/2016
5 stars Karen has been helping me with such a difficult situation and has shed some light to it. She is very caring, professional and on target. She's an amazing advisor and will not lie nor sugar coat your reading. She tells it like she sees it. We always have a great connection. Will be her calling soon. I highly recommend her. -Ali1312 11/28/2016
5 stars There should be a higher rating!!! Karen was awesome!! I felt like we were friends! Thank you!!! -knlbaugh 11/28/2016
5 stars I just loved her she listened and understood where I was coming from. I also yelled cried screamed and she just uplifted me and encourage me that I was going to be ok love her will call her again thank you for all you did for me.-Member926586 11/25/2016
5 stars What a lovely person. And a great reader as well. Karen knew exactly what was going on in my situation. Her accuracy was amazing. I will definitely update when predictions come to pass. I know they will. Thanks!!! -Lotus3 11/22/2016
5 stars She tells you how it is, not how you want to hear it. I like Karen and you will too. She also engages you with a little of her own experiences which can tie in with what the cards are saying for you and I appreciate that, thank you Karen. Liddie                     -Member75730915  11/14/2016
5 stars I absolutely love her. Her insights are spot on and genuine. She is gifted. Definitely saved as one of my favorites. Definitely give her a call. Her price is worth a try. No regrets. Thank you Karen. Bless -Gem78 11/11/2016
5 starsKaren has been a life saver for me. The cards in which she read has been consistent every time. This is the time to focus on self because what I did was necessary. He'll get past but it will take time -Belladee 11/10/2016
5 stars Karen is very good! Read past to a T. Advised something was going on, was absolutely correct I found out later.              -Joan1964 10/31/2016
5 stars Great follow up. Consistent and has compassion for your situation. I will call her as I need updates. She remembers you which makes you feel like your situation personally matters to her. You can't go wrong calling her. -Sandymb 11/3/2016
5 stars I have spoke with Karen a few times now. She has quickly become a favorite tarot reader for me although tarot readings had never been a favorite for me. Karen blesses the the reading which I really appreciate and I think is advisable. She is straight to the point and has been spot on . Her reading is in line to what I know intuitively myself and matches up with various other readings that I have had. It is great confirmation for me and her disposition is so positive and warm. Thank you Karen. I would definitely refer her to my personal friends or family. And to me, that says a lot. Blessings to all. -Member63890488 11/2/2016
5 stars karen is truly gifted and spoke the exact words I needed to hear today. She really gets to the heart of the matter. 5 stars!!!! -Tallchick333 11/2/2016
5 stars Thank you so very much Karen... You are the BEST.... It's always a pleasure speaking to you... And up til now, All of your predictions have come to pass. -Queen Of Sheba33 11/1/2016
5 stars She accurate and honest and has confirmed what a psychic I have been going for years said. Give her try I truly believe she is honest. -Member781714 11/1/2016
5 stars Consistency is the first word that comes to mind. With each call she remains right on point and doesn't waiver. She gives me hope and explains things in great detail. She is someone that I have come to rely on to help me through this waiting period. Glad that I made the connection with her. -Sandymb 10/31/2016
5 stars Amazing reading!! quick and straight to the point! NO BS!! I will definitely call her back again!! -sag71 10/31/2016
5 stars Karen! You were SO right in your prediction yesterday. Guess what?! He made sales yesterday! You are amazing! Thank you so much. I am so grateful to have found you here on Keen. I trust you and have 100% faith in your abilities!                             -ChiliBean26 10/29/2016
5 stars AWESOME...1st time caller & Ms. Karen was quick, detailed & just super awesome. All I gave her was a name & she took it from there. I hate we ran out of time. I really NEED to call her back. Just as she was getting ready to give me some pertinent info, we were cut off! So sorry about that...but I will call back just as soon as you're on today! I didn't give her any info about my situation until AFTER she read the cards, just to let her know how spot on she was!!!! You deserve so many more than 5 stars!!!!                   -chelle1972 10/26/2016
5 stars Best reading i have ever had...she broke down everything and gave me the best advice for my situation while being compassionate and understanding. Will be calling again! -Jrsmith9 10/26/2016
5 stars TY Karen, as usual, it's a pleasure speaking to you. Your confirmation by the end of the year is what I'm looking forward to. I will keep in touch. To you ladies, and gents, when in doubt or just a NEED to know, call Karen, she good at what she knows and sees :) -Mickey5764 10/26/2016
5 stars Karen is AMAZING!! WOW!! WOW!! so accurate and quick! I will DEFINITELY call you back!!! Thanks for a wonderful reading!!
5 stars It always amazes me how much accurate and detailed insight Karen provides with just a name. Her gift is real and I'm so thankful for her insight into this relationship. -KDW11 10/25/2016
5 stars Simply amazing. She is accurate and so compassionate. I loved talking with her! She was able to shed so much light and confirm much of my fears. Thank you so much, Karen! -ChiliBean26 10/25/2016
5 starsAmazing reading, accurate, to the point, no sugarcoating, and honest! I highly highly recommend! Karen, thank you so much again, you are the absolute best and I cannot wait to update you in a few weeks with the outcome. I think you've inspired me to finally find my "gonja's" and chisel away at that bubble! Cheers & thank you so much again! I'll make sure to keep in touch too, I know I will need too! Cheers! -Member718727 10/18/2016
5 stars Excellent, Karen, as always. I'm in such a confusing situation and she picked up perfectly and gave such great detailed info. Thanks! -KDW11 10/14/2016
5 stars This reading was wonderful! So professional and wonderful energy. Didn't have enough mins to finish my reading, but I will definitely call back as soon as the funds are available! Thanks so much! -Psychic Readings by Sage 10/12/2016
5 stars I Love her. She reminds me she is not a clairvoyant but reads her cards with such accuracy and details. I am glad you are here. Thank you! -GuidedPath22 10/9/2016
5 stars Karen is awesome! She's really been spot on with what she sees and what comes to pass. I'm amazed each time I speak to her. Thank you! -KDW11 10/9/2016
5 stars Karen is exceptionally gifted. I kept adding and adding more money....I couldnt hang up. I will definitely be calling back for your guidance. I was asking about 2 different guys and she nailed both of them!! Thanks for sharing your gift and your time. Andrea -Tallchick333 10/8/2016
5 stars this is the best heart felt reading I have had in a long time, I am so looking forward to being one step closer and what is in store. thank you so much -single woman 10/9/2016
5 stars She is another superb advisor here. Thank you advisor Karen I appreciate your good and very detailed readings. You very accurate so far. Wow thank you! -GuidedPath22 10/8/2016
5 stars Karen... You are amazing. your reading and predictions are on point. I will definitely continue what I'm doing on my end and watch for the results of the reading. I will keep you updated for sure. Thanks so much!! -Gemini1111 10/7/2016
5 stars She has become my favorite. Karen send to have a good take over my complicated situation. She has confirmed things I know to be true. -lee512 10/6/2016
5 stars Great call with Karen 17, very intuitive and perceptive, with fantastic ability to look into energy fields and explain their motivations. Will definitely call again. -Heal With Spirit 10/5/2016
5 stars Absolutely incredible insightful & intuitive. Real talk no chaser. She reads amazing and speaks so kindly. I love her!!! Call now! Add to favorites. You won't be disappointed. Thank you Thank you Thank you -Gem78 10/3/2016
5 stars WOW! She always AMAZES me! I am so grateful for his insights and in-depth analysis of my situation especially at work. She can pick up where we last left off and does it so well! Her insights and advice are spot on! 10 stars! -Oakland43 10/1/2016
5 stars Innnnnnncredible! Every reading I receive from AdvisorKaren, she hits the bullseye. THANK YOU. I look forward to calling again soon. Blessing to you! -OurLOVEblessings 9/22/2016
5 stars WOW just WOW!!! everything made sense. She is quick. Her price is so accommodating and her insight is ON POINT. Add to your favourites and call!!! She will not disappoint. Thank you so much Karen. I can't wait to call and update you??                          -Gem78 9/19/2016
5 stars Karen has been completely accurate for me. She told me on the last call secrets would come out and challenges but that he would chose me over another girl who had been causing tons of drama and within a few days from the reading that is exactly what happened. I was calling today because I knew she'd tell me if more bad was to come. I was pleasantly surprised how she picked up smooth sailing and a new beginning for us, which is right where we are. She even picked up some minor bumps that I already know are happening with an upcoming trip. Thanks! -KDW11 9/21/2016
5 stars Awesome. Gave an accurate descrition of the fallout with my friend and how I felt about then. Confirmed my intuitive feelings about a discussion coming up before I told her I felt it coming. Great energy, pleasant, and explains what she's talking about. But doesnt waste time. -Harleymarley 9/17/2016
5 stars Yep! AdvisorKaren17 is a MUST CALL! Highly recommended to receive clarity and truth. Thank you and Blessings.            -OurLOVEblessings 9/17/2016
5 stars 100% amazing!!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate your insight. You have 100% confirmed so much of what I was feeling with also giving me the clarity to move forward. You are a gem. Definitely give her a call. You won't be disappointed!!! -Gem78 9/16/2016
5 stars Advisor Karen is the most honesty and accurate card reader on Keen. She was precise and fast with detailed information. She only read what the cards depicted. In addition she explain Ed what the cards says. She is true to her craft. Please give her a call.  -robert323 9/16/2016
5 stars First time call, Karen is amazing and I love her insight and vision. Her guidance is phenomenal and she picked up on everything that was going on with me. The cards she use was absolutely accurate, call her you want regret it, she's spot on!! -kmccormick 9/15/2016
5 stars Karen, I love your spirit and how you were very warm in delivering your message. You were so accurate in your reading that I must contact you again. A very gifted reader! Thank you so much! -kuba61 9/13/2016
5 stars First time caller with Karen, she is wonderful. Before I had the chance to actually speak with her, she offers 3 free minutes to get the feel of a connection. Well, I got my free minutes and a strong connection. She 's very professional, a wonderful spirit with a BIG heart. Speaking with her was like talking to your best friend who knows everything, she instantly connected and all I had to do was put on my listening ears, SHE gave me a lot of info, she does not rush, takes her time, does not waste it. Give her a call I doubt seriously that you would regret it . I'm telling you, If you don't try her, you'll be missing out. TY Karen -Mickey5764 9/9/2016
5 stars Advisor Karen 17 is one if my favorite readers. She is accurate and consistent with the information she gives me. -Yolanda69 9/8/2016
5 stars I have used Keen for many years now. Tonight, I wanted to try a new advisor and I'm extremely happy I did. I first notied Karen when searched advisors. When I added money to my account, I noticed she was gone. There was something that told me I had to find her. My gut was right about Karen. I think she is one of the best advisors I have spoken to in a long time. She was honest and straight forward. I liked how she used cards to get answers to my questions. While Karen shuffled the cards, she spoke to the spirits to get her answers which impressed me. You can tell she puts a lot of heart into the readings. I highly recommend you call her. -alm14 9/7/2016
5 stars Wow, this was one of the most helpful calls I have ever had on Keen. Karen's reading was totally accurate; she went above and beyond to help and even offered a game plan for moving forward. I feel so fortunate to have clicked on her today!            -Member473233 9/7/2016
5 stars I'm laughing rn because everything she told me was on point. Didn't give her much detail but she read into my situation very well and provided excellent insight. Highly recommend  -kris808 9/7/2016
5 stars She is new to keen but has amazing insight and experience. Karen is also very professional and grounded. I like her a lot and she has become one of my favorites. Try her please. -Member048445 9/7/2016
5 stars Absolutely loved her!! Thank You Karen!! I will be calling again when I have more funds. She was so spot on about my relationship with my boyfriend that it gave me chills... -Unique K 9/2/2016
5 stars Spot on accurate! She read back to me everything I was already feeling. She was detailed, didn't sugarcoat anything, which was perfect for me, and highly accurate. She did a reading for me in early Aug and two things she predicted came to pass for me on another situation. Excellent call again.  -KDW11 8/30/201© 2017 Karen Kinnaman karenkinnaman | aTrueProfit.com | OwnITtoProfit.com6

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